Some moments in life are transformative and our first visit to an orphanage on 24th July 2016 was one such moment. From the minute we set foot inside, we were overwhelmed by what we saw and started counting our blessings.

We were surrounded by over 136 kids who had never seen or met either one or both their parents since birth and did not know who they were. Orphans, who were rejected, neglected, discarded or had simply lost both their parents. The most desolate and forsaken souls left helpless at the doorstep of an orphanage.

While we were in shock at their appalling conditions and their stock in life, they seemed to be positive and brave despite the odds. We did our best to mingle with them, talk to them and understand them better. Most of all, we decided to help improve their lives by doing our own bit to raise awareness of their predicament.

This website is a joint effort by my brother and me, to put the spotlight on the residents of the Dayanand Bal Sadan Orphanage which houses the orphans varying in age from 6 to 18. We hope to draw enough attention to their needs to encourage generous donors to donate and raise funds to meet their basic needs – a lot of which are currently lacking.

We have no pretensions that we will bring an end to the struggles of orphans around the world, however, we remain optimistic that our efforts will bring change to the life of a few orphans or even one orphanage at a time.

Advay Rajguru
Grade XI

Atharv Rajguru
Grade VIII