The orphans



BOYS: 110


Rohit Arya (10)

Doesn’t know any family – he was dropped off to the orphanage by a civil worker ages ago. Loves to play football and has ambitions of becoming a pilot


Bhupendra Kumar (14)

Left at the orphanage by his mother. Wants to become a doctor. Never played video games in his life – doesn’t know what a PlayStation is!


Krisna Salvi (9)

Left at the orphanage in 2015 by his brother who is only 13 and drives a rickshaw. Wants to join the police force when he grows up.


Arpal Singh (15)

Left at the orphanage by his mother in 2012, Wants better English classes. Plans to join the Indian army and become a soldier to serve his country


Lalita Arya (13)

Left at the orphanage by her father after her mother and grandmother passed away. Singing is her passion and she wants to become a singer


Poonam Arya (14)

Left at the orphanage by her mother after her father deserted them. She likes the safe environment of the orphanage.


Heera Lal (18)

Left by his uncle years ago. Wishes that education was more modernized & wants better coaches for sports. Studying to become a chartered accountant.


Neha Arya (13)

Left at the orphanage by her mother because she could not afford to give her an education. Wants to grow up to become a danseuse and is unhappy that there are no dance classes


Naina Arya (16)

Left earlier this year by her uncle. She wanted to become a doctor but took the uninformed decision to take the commerce stream. Plays badminton. Wants to try fast food one day!


Hemraj Singh (16)

Left by his mother in 2010. Likes studying and wants to become a district collector.


Mukandar Kumar (17)

Left at the orphanage in 2010 by his uncle. Plans to be a cricketer and spents his spare time playing.


Chanchan Arya (11)

Left at the orphanage in 2013 by her aunt. Likes to play board games and wants to become a danseuse.


Babita Arya (12)

Left at the orphanage years ago and has no recollection of the past. Her favorite sports are carom and kabbadi. Plans to study medicine.


Manju Arya (15)

Left by her aunt in 2006. She loves to do sewing and stitching in her spare time, plays badminton and wants to join the Indian army.


Sumitra Arya (17)

Likes to study and wants to grow up and study for the Indian Public Services Commission exams and become a Police Officer.